About Us

The Experts in Fish Care

Golden Touch is the largest supplier of high quality marine, aquarium fish to the retail sector in Delhi. With over 32 years’ experience in supplying aquarium retailers around India, Golden Touch Industry continues to lead the market, sourcing new and exciting species from all over the world. Golden Touch provide full support to our retailers & their customers, with our extensive range of fishes available at our store.

Golden Touch is committed to offering sustainably raised aquatic life that is either aquacultured or responsibly harvested, which includes careful attention to both the animals and the habitat.

With the sea of online aquarium stores, it is difficult to decide which store deserves your hard-earned money. We would like to earn your business and your trust: not only delivering the best products to you by having all your favorite equipment in stock, but also provide you with a great shopping experience by having knowledgeable hobbyists on staff to serve you.